Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Health Educator



Real results, without the guesswork.

Precision (n.) the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. Precision isn’t a name that we came up with because it had a nice ring to it. Precision is the basis to our work and the reason our clients come back time and time again. It is how we restore faith to the many people who have come to us as a last ditch effort. Whether you are looking for answers or a new perspective, we will bring to you an experience you never knew was considered health-care.
We get you the answers you need through full body assessments including range of motion assessments and orthopedic testing. It is with this advanced knowledge that we are able to pin-point what your aggravating factors are. By eliminating the guesswork, we get you real results the first time you come in.
We believe that having a clinical approach doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice comfort and relaxation. Our clinic brings to you the knowledge you expect from healthcare professionals and the tranquility of a high end spa. We believe in this combination to elicit the best results from your session, making your visit an investment well spent.

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So you may be wondering what “neuromuscular” even means. If you break it down, “neuro” being nerve and “muscular” being the muscle body, the term “neuromuscular massage” refers to the practice of alleviating chronic pain symptoms associated with Trigger Points. These hyper sensitive nodules are formed at the junction where the motor nerve enters the muscle body and without treatment can remain activated and thus painful indefinitely. As powerful as these points are on their own, they are even theorized to overlap many Tsubo points - the points associated with acupuncture. An estimated 92% of the 255 known trigger points actually share space with Tsubo points and have similar, correlating pain symptoms to the Tsubo points.
Many therapeutic approaches will skew one way or the other: Eastern modalities versus Western practices. With a neuromuscular application, you don’t have to think twice about which is the best course of action - you get the best of both worlds. I like to think of it as the center of a Venn Diagram.